Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Day at Auntie Karens

It's all about playin' ball! Throw it again, throw it again, throw it again, throw it again, come on one more time...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hanging at Auntie Karen's

No really, I don't know where the ball is

I don't have a ball, come on let me in...

Big Smile

Who me? I'm not digging, swear

Come on just one more throw

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Saturday my mom's took me to Lake of the Isles to race. Mamma Tara hooked me up with a harness and I got to run really hard, it was super fun! 

Monday, December 29, 2008

my world

Me and mommy Tara

Sleepy time

Me, cousin Gracie and Mommy Val chillin' on the couch

Friday, October 24, 2008

Super Busy Day

Auntie Karen came over to my house today and we went for a walk all around my neighborhood. I showed her all the houses and introduced her to some of my friends, she especially liked the little black n white dog, I don't remember her name but she is really cute and little and cuddly. Anyway, after we walked around my neighborhood then we went back to my house and I ate lunch, yummy. Then we got in Auntie Karen's car and went over to her house, YAY! I got to play in the backyard, we played ball for a long time. 

After that we had to go in the house for a while, yucky. Auntie Karen played with the noisy sucker machine, my moms have one of those too, it makes lots of noise and sucks up stuff, I have to keep my toys away from it. After that Lash and I went outside and he showed me all the fun smelly parts of the yard. Lash knows a lot about the yard and where all the good stuff is. We played out there for a while then Auntie Karen took me and Lash for a walk! It was fun, for a little guy that Lash sure can walk fast. We went to the park and walked around then back to Auntie Karen's house.  And guess what? I found a really yummy bone at Auntie Karen's house and she let me carry it the whole time we were walking. After our walk with Lash we brought him home then me and Auntie Karen went for another walk, this time I had to leave my bone at the house. We walked all over the neighborhood, it was lots of fun, Auntie Karen has a lot of dogs in her neighborhood. 

And then after that we went back to the house and I got to chew on the bone out on the deck. Lash came out for little while and tried to take the bone from me but I said no way Jose, you cannot have my bone, finders keepers.  He finally gave up and went back in the house.

Then me and Auntie Karen got in the car again and guess where we went? Back to my house! At first I was a little sad, I like playing at Auntie Karen's but then I was tired and went right into my kennel for a nap.  Auntie Karen said I was a very good girl today, she said "Good Girl" a lot today. 

The only thing I don't like at Auntie Karen's house is that she will not play ball with me in the house. I talked with Lash about it and he said she never plays in the house it's one of the rules. Lash said Auntie Karen does not have a lot of rules but the ones she has are strictly enforced. I just don't understand, playing ball in the house is fun. 

Lash also told me about Taffy a new friend of his, she came over to Auntie Karen's last week. Lash said she was really fun to play with and maybe I can play with her some day. I really hope so.

That's all :)  


Swimming in Lake Superior
Look at me Ma

Friday, October 10, 2008

Auntie Karen's house

Grandma brought me over to Auntie Karen's today and I got to spend the whole afternoon with her and Lash.  We played ball in the backyard but then Auntie Karen spent a really long time with a noisy grass eating thing, it had a really long orange tail.  I did not like it, Auntie Karen walked with it all over the yard and she did not play ball with me very much. I kept giving her the ball and she just did not see it, finally I put it right in front of the noisy grass eating thing then she saw it and threw it for me.  Auntie Karen was really tricky today too, she threw the ball in all different places sometimes it took me a really long time to find it. One time she threw it over by the tomato gardens and I could not find it, I looked in all the regular hiding places but finally she helped me find it, whew that was stressful. Lash even ran around the yard with me, that was fun! He usually doesn't run with me but today he was in a good mood.  He also tried to warn me about the noisy grass eating thing, he said Auntie Karen would ignore me while she is walking with it and he was right. He said Auntie Karen walks that thing around the yard at least once a week and he has never figured out why, it looks boring. 

After Auntie Karen was done walking the grass eating thing she played ball with me again, that was a lot of fun. Then we went into the house for a little while but that was boring, who wants to be in the house when you can play ball outside? After that me and Auntie Karen went to the coffee shop, she doesn't know it but I was driving the car while she was in the coffee shop, well not really driving but I was pretending. She almost caught me too but I was really fast and jumped back over the seat into my space before she got to the car. Then we went back to my house, I did not want to go home but it was nice to be in my own house and eat some kibbles. Auntie Karen stayed with me for a little while then made me go into my kennel, I did not want to go but she can be bossy when she wants to. Auntie Karen does not take any sassiness from me, she used her mom voice and I knew I had to go into the kennel. But that was Ok, I was tired and needed a nap anyway. 

That's all...

Oh yeah, I still don't know what happened to my pool :(